Thursday, June 26, 2003

I think James got the better half of the deal yesterday, the part where he is sitting nice at home all cosy and snug and DRY! Did it rain you asked? Pah!! Thats not a word worthy of what we had! It POURED down! And there we are sitting all nicely waiting for the concert to start wishing we were somewhere else, part from the real nutters who have been parked on a bench since the park opend for the day. How the heck do they cope? Dont they feel wet, miserable and just want to go home?? Thats what i felt after 2 hours in pouring rain with windgusts as well! But it was free........ !

For all you non swedes, Allsĺng pĺ Skansen is THE main event for many people, its become kult. Its a mix of the audience singing and guests singing and a bit of fun trown in as well. And the king of Skansen is Lasse Berghagen, and since it is his last summer of doing this, hes been at it since 1993, naturaly the interest is huge to get so see a glimpse of him and sing a long with him. We call it allsĺng, dont know a word similare it in english. But you get a big crowd gathered and you sing togheter, period. Thats it really, but since it has been televised they have to have a few tv friendly guestartists as well. So yesterday we got treated to Per Gessle, one half of Roxette, Jerry Williams the swedish rocknroll star who is as tough as they come and a swedish version of Monthy Python - After Shave. It was fun in the end and we waved each time the tv camera came passing by, but no one saw us so they must have cut us out. I can now say i did it but i wont do it again unless they promise fantastic weather... and Lasse of course... :o)

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