Friday, June 13, 2003

It is back breaking to have an alottment, anyway an untidy one! We've been there first time today and had a little start at getting rid of all the weed. Since it is clay soil i think we will have to have it turned once again before setting anything, depends on how heavy we think it is tomorrow after we have done the other half of the raspberry row and marked out the small paths around it all. Today at least we got rid of some old windows thats been used for a coldframe or something similare. And also discovered that frogs and toads loved it underneath all that rubble! Im sure we scared a dozen away when we rattled their home underneath the pains of glass and chucked it all away.

It is somehow very satisfying to clear everything up and to get a start of an outline to how it will look like finished. We've discovered that we had some strawberry plants underneath the raspberries as well. I managed to rescue two plants and James set them on the good soil doubt they will yield any fruit this year though. Also we have two currant bushes instead of one as i thought. I think one is black and the other red currant. We have to see if we manage to get any berries or if the birds will get them first. We are doing more tomorrow and mum will come along and help us out. Hopefully i wont be all stiff and achy since i might have done a bit too much today, but i was eager to get in and do some gardening!

For now James have gone off to get some take away food, we are having kebabs with fries. Sounds just right for me and after that im going to indulge in a bath with some Lush bubbles Specificly some Flying Saucers bubble bar slices....yumminess...!

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