Sunday, June 29, 2003

I just had a msg on the answering machine about our sofa. It seems that it at least has left IKEA in Gävle and is now stuck in transit somewhere. The helpful chappy would get back to us on monday since the post and delivery is closed on weekends. Hopefully we will have it by tomorrow or tuesday.

Other news, we have been to an auction today, Lotta, me and James... And i saw very beautiful things there like a chandelier in baroque style with flat big prisms but that went for 2300 kr and it was a tad too much even though i liked it alot i couldnt persuade James to like it too. But when it came to my 'Emma fĺtölj' i was allowed to bid.

We had been into town to have a look around in the antique shops to have a bit of a reference in prices so i was prepared it might sell for at least 500 kr so to my surprise it just went for 300 kr, to me! I think it is a cute little chair and it fits snug in our bedroom where i had intended it to go and the covering is very well looked after and not at all faded, i suspect it has been reupholstered but that doesnt bother me since the colour is a very nice warm pink. Not my usuall color of choice but i couldnt resist it. Also i bought a big white bowl with blue decorations on the outside and an old swedish wooden box called 'svepask', it is made out of one thin plank wrapped around a bottom piece of wood and then stictched togheter with a string made out of roots. Very traditional here in sweden and almost everyone has one at home. It seems that anything made out of wood went for a high price, so it must be in demand right now. Lotta went after a nice chest of draws made out of big solid planks and no nails. It was painted in a dreadful white paint though that she said she would strip off. But otherwise it was a nice one and if James would have liked it i would have outbid Lotta with 25 kr since she had set her target at 1000kr. But there will be more auctions this summer since Lotta got very keen on it in the end and asked if we could go some more times and winked that it would be better if we left James at home then and i'll take care of his wallet.... ;o)

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