Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Currently playing Nobody's home - Avril Lavigne

Very suitable as well since I am sitting here all by my lonesome tonight. James is working his late shift this week. I am finally beginning to feel like my old self. Talking about old self, what irony, I went to the hairdressers to get my hair cut and to get some color back into it. And what did I spot in the mirror when Lena and me were discussing what color to try this time, a grey hair! No not just one either, several were gleaming and poking out very ominously in the harsh light in the saloon.. sigh. I've just not thought about getting grey hair just yet you know!Oh well, I wont be seeing them anyway since I do color my hair on a regular basis. My original hair color is a very mousy bland blond. You know, neither blonde or dark, just in the vague in between. But ever since I did my first coloring I've been hooked and am now considered as a redhead by people who don't know me from old. Weird that. But I've always heard that I have a temper as a red head, now what ever that does imply... ;)

Since I did my music questionnaire I've been looking through all my CD's and have started to listen to music again. In the olden (cough) days I wouldn't do anything without the stereo on blasting some sort of music out way too loud for any neighbor to like me for long. Well I did learn how to turn the volume down a notch or two but then all of a sudden I turned the stereo off completely, maybe I just got music overload. I'm quite out of synch with what or who is in and what's totally out so bare with me and my weird music taste.

It is back to work for me tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it but what the heck, if it will give us a house why not.. ;)
No seriously, it is work. And I have to start thinking like that and not get caught up in all the hysteric gossip and name calling and what not's in there if I'm going to stay at some kind of normal level of sanity. It's been too much bad mouthing lately, it gets tiresome, really it does. The really irritating thing is though, it will never change. Isn't that interesting?

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