Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Happy New Year everybody.

Its been a bit on the cold side over here but now it has turned into loony weather. It poured down with rain yesterday night so this morning everything was glazed with ice. And I mean everything, even the grit on the pavement was glazed and no use at all in preventing people (ie me) from slipping and sliding. Thankfully I hitched a ride with my mum this morning and James came to my rescue when I finished work this afternoon. Or else I would have been like Bambi on ice, especially on the slopes I would have to battle to get home. I can very vividly imagine myself trying to get up the last slope and just sliding right back down again on my arse..

It is very mild weather for being winter and soon mid January. I prefer it screeching cold with sun halos like the one we had just after Christmas. It did plummet, and yes in the right meaning of the word plummet, to a chilly -20 with mist. So everything was covered in a thin layer of white frost plus you got to see the phenomena of a sun halo. I even took a picture of it with my new digital camera.

Santa was very VERY VERY kind this year, I'm still not over the chock of it.
It reminds me, got to go give Santa a kissy, just because..


Eleanor said...

We call that phenomenon "sun dogs" over here.
Beautiful to behold, but unwelcome in a way, too, as they portend a stretch of very, very cold weather.

Maria said...

Well it must be different in Canada, because here the temp dropped from -20 to -5 in one day. Quite an achievement i thought.

Maisey said...

Hi Maria and Jamie
Lovely photograph and great gift to receive.
I am sorry I have not been in touch, and I have lost all contact details...can you email me with them? The comp I had them on went down on me...