Monday, January 24, 2005

So, what is it with nature and it taking revenge on me because I enjoyed my holiday hmmm? We went to England for a week to stay with James' parents and I was totally relaxed and unwound from work when I got back home and it only took 3 days and I had a humdinger of a cold! And I'd thought I just cleared the one that had been lingering from new years when we arrived in England... baaah humbug to vacation!

So here I am sitting with a red nose like anyone's reindeer and a cough that would scare wolves if they heard me bark. And I cant sleep either, nose is too stuffed and nose drops aren't helping, help?! At least I had the sense of calling in sick this morning and when my boss phoned me up to check on me he asked if I wanted tomorrow off as well, which I gladly agreed to. At least it might give me a few more days to clear the worst of it off. This winter has been dreadful, it started out alright, I thought for a while I was immune to the colds running amok at work but just before Christmas I got whacked and really haven't been myself since. What can you do? Vitamins, honey, garlic, Vick's vapo rub, anything or everything mentioned combined into a wicked stew and smear it all over so you smell so ghastly that no one would like to come near you, never mind close enough to pass on yet another cold.

I'll think of something...

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