Monday, January 31, 2005

We went to have a look at this house on Saturday. It was a charming house, but, there is always a but isn't there. It just wasn't what we wanted. It was quirky and had loads of charm but in the end there was too much to do on it and I'm sure the price would have whopped up since there was a load of people interested. We saw some of them at the viewing, it was mighty crowded I'll tell you.

I've phoned about this house today. And yes I know it is a fair bit outside of Falun, but it looks just right for us in terms of things specified by James and me on the extra buildings and amount of land to it. There had been some viewings this weekend but she, the estate agent, would get back to me if there would be a second viewing. This house had also attracted loads of interest so we'll see how it goes.

It is so disappointing really to go and have a look at a house when the pictures doesnt match the reality. And it doesnt help that we are very vague on what we like either, is it James!? ;oP
No really, the house market in Falun is a bit over priced I think. If you compare Falun to Borlänge it is like Borlänge would be in the north of Sweden and Falun somewhere around Stockholm in the price range. Same type of house does sell for at least 4-600 000 kr more in Falun then it does in Borlänge and that does limit us quite a lot in choices. I'd rather live in Falun, but considering what sort of a house we can get in Borlänge for lesser money it makes us look more into the housemarket in Borlänge. It is a bit slow at the moment but it should be getting better now when the sun has returned and spring is in everybodys mind, at least in mine when the sun is shining outside with a mild +3 and windy. I think I'm going to bike to work today!


James said...

I know what I dont like des that help? Min spec has to be at least 2 bedrooms which are useable as bedrooms. I would like the kitchen to be a decent size without the need to nock everything down and start again. An outbuilding would also be nice in whatever state. Have you seen the new one that went on the market today in Börlange?

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