Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I went shopping fabric today with my client. I just love this bit of quilting, choosing what colours to use and all the variations you can do and just stroke and pat the fabric is nice as well..... well you know what I mean.
Anyway this is what we decided on:
This is for the older girl Selma.
And this is for the younger girl Ajla
They both wanted lilacs and black but Selma could consider gold as well and Ajla wanted white in hers as well. These are now going to be turned into Bargello Hearts and then have different borders. Ajlas will have bigger stars and stripes as a finish. Selma wanted smaller stars and pin wheels but no stripes.  I cant wait to cut into these so better be going!


Milady de Languor said...

How beautiful! I'd be doing some serious fabric stroking there, too! :D You will show the finished projects, right? I'm not a quilter, nor even much of a sewer, but I do love looking at what other people make.

Maria said...

Yes I will show the progress of them. Have finished for tonight. It is really strangely calming doing some sewing. The new destresser, pick up a patch and sew it together with another patch, repeat, repeat, repeat... :)

Linda said...

So funny to here that someone else out there loves to "pet" the fabric as well!!!!