Monday, November 08, 2010


I finished off the table runner today hand stitching the binding in place and my left index finger is now very sore! I just cannot get used to a thimble! I always feel like it is in the way and I haven't found any replacement for it so I usually do it without anything to protect my finger and now it is all red and sore. But the table runner is ready and going to its new owner tomorrow!
 This is before I started sewing the binding hence the pin marks. I really really like this pattern and might do a quilt in a variation of it someday. But not now, got too much going on anyway, not to mention work is getting a bit hectic.


Linda said...

Table runner looks beautiful! I can't use a thimble either! I like using a liquid bandage. Have you tried anything like that?

Maria said...

I haven't seen liquid bandage anywhere here in Sweden. What is that like? I was thinking of getting something in leather, anything that is flexible but that will my finger some protection when sewing