Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snow anybody?

Yes it did snow but not as much as they were saying it would. Just a gentle 5-7 cm which is fine. I don't really like to drive when there has come loads and they cant keep up cleaning the roads from it.

I am wondering if I am perky enough to go upstairs and sew a bit or if I am too tired from work, long day today 7.30-18.00, to do anything else then read blogs and comments on Facebook. Hmmmm, dunno really because I don't want to sew a lot of wonky seams that I will just get annoyed by and unpick in the morning but I want to do something! Might go and have a look at what I've done so far and take piccies for you to see? Yes that is what I will do!

1 comment:

Linda said...

Not a fan of the snow either! Too early for it for me!