Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snowstorm update

Yes there has been a snowstorm, we just caught the outer edge of it but that was bad enough. Very windy with horizontal snow and drifts on the roads. To top it off the temperature is now plummeting!

Nah, seriously it's not that bad. I would say its normal winter temperatures out there, about -7 at the moment with it going down to maybe -13 tonight. Still a bit of snow being blown about but generally clearing up and giving us a bit of sunshine before the sun sets.

I am off to work soon, we are going to have a customer evening from 4 o'clock until we close with lots of low prices and bargains. We are expecting lots of people and general madness is to ensue. But at the same time it is lots of fun when there is a buzz about the shop. Actually looking forward to go to work today, have you ever heard anything like that from me???

Well it also helps that our new boss D has finally told Mr B off for behaving like a shit. So now Mr B is doing his job and not hassling everyone else what they should be doing and that they are doing it wrong, he is actually not talking a lot at all. It is such a change from how it has been at our place I still can't believe it. It is bliss as long as it stays like this. So lets keep our fingers crossed that it has finally hit home for Mr B that he cant go around being a shit without some consequences.

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Linda said...

Yes bosses can be a big pain!! Happy Thursday!!