Monday, February 24, 2003

Guess when i got up this morning?
I got up at 7! I woke up by the phone ringing.
They phoned from James work and asked if he wanted to work so now he got a full week of doing the morning shift. Which is good and a little bit bad. Means he will only be able to help in the evenings with moving and painting or whatever else needs doing. But it is also good that they think of him when phoning around for someone. I will try and have a go at painting the ceiling on wednesday. I will try out how it looks like in the hall, it is a bit darker there so maybe you dont notice any blips i make before going into the livingroom... ;o)

I've had a morning full of various odd jobs and phonecalls to make. Now we are signed up to an electricity company, we know what papers we need from the swedish foreign office (i phoned early and was put in a loooong queue anyway) so that we can get married. I prewrote the note that James needs when he will go pay it in advance at the post office. I've also had a quick look at what our honeymoon will cost and phoned my sister to tell her. We will get the money put in our bank account since it was easier if we paid it all when booking instead of my sister booking and paying down in Gothenburg. My sister is giving our honeymoon as a weddingpresent to us. She and H are so sweet and generous!

I've sent out our new address via email to friends and family and resent the address since me my stooopid fool wrote the wrong addy! LOL

I've also written the postcards with our address preprinted on to our swedish friends and family, no chance of having to rewrite those at least... I've also done our bills for this month and I dared to calculate how much the moving will cost us and got into organizing the final homestretch with renting the van, getting everything packed and thought a bit about where everything will be going in the new place and and and.....(silent scream)..... No wonder someone said that moving is one of the most stressful events in ones life right along getting married!

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