Tuesday, February 04, 2003

So, we have been busy choosing our new wallpaper going into the smaller bedroom. We could finaly agree on the same one even though i wanted to go for a dark lilac one or a very nice green. We ended up with a nice golden color with darker flowervines for the headwall and then a nice, hmmm caffe latte colour?, for the other 3 walls. Now the question is, do we consider the old floorcolour in the bigger bedroom when choosing wallpaper for that one or do we live with a colour clash untill we have saved enough money to get a wooden floor laid?

We have also been thinking about where to go on our honeymoon. It is likely we end up in Prague but anyway, where did you go OR where would you like to go on your honeymoon? This is the place we are thinking about staying at if we are going. I've got the all clear from my sister since she and her bf are going to give the honeymoon to us as their weddingpresent. But what do you think? We have a reservation put on the Attic suit but havent confirmed or anything yet.

Oh yes, while i remember, Marie? Vi har 475 kr i kuvertet, fika eller lunch eller nĺtt vore kul, jag har menat att ringa dig men det har inte blivit av med allt som har surrat med bröllop, flytt och annat. Vi kan väl snacka ihop oss om nĺtt plus vi ska ju vinna den stora vinsten i helgen eller hur? ;o)

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