Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I am completly beat. We did paint the ceiling in the livingroom today. If my poor arms wasnt dropping off before they certainly are now! It looked quite alright when we left but it was getting to be a bit dark so i dont know if it was any good. It will all be revealed tomorrow morning in the bright light when im going there again to have a look and see if i am able to lift my arms to do the second coat and start on the hallway. If not i will have to leave it to James to do when he comes over after work. I will in that case get cracking with removing the wallpaper they have put on the wardrobe doors....! How can people be so silly! Now we have to repaint them as well since they are yellowed by time and the glue. The paper on the wardrobe in our bedroom came off quite alright, but the ones in the guestroom are being a pickle in the arse to get off!

Anyway, i might take the camera with me so you all can see how it is progressing. The ceiling looked much better even with just one coat of white paint since it was quite yellowed from age.

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