Thursday, February 06, 2003

Yesterday was busy!
We went to the migration office in Borlänge to get the long awaited PUT stamp for James. We did have to have 'enskilt samtal' roughly mean you went in one by one and had a private talk where the casehandler tried to pick our story and see if it wasnt true. Anyway she believed us...... So now James can stay indefinet and only need to get a new stamp every 3 years.

After that we went to the big shoppingcenter and went in to see if Marie was working, which she was. So we managed to have a little talk and i could finaly give her the christmas present i bought for her. A bit late i know but what do you do when you dont see each other that often ;)

I was shocked yesterday when James himself suggested we go and have a look at shoes for him!! And he tried on every pair i gave him and made a finaly decision without whining or anything and he listend to my suggestions to which pair was nicer! Im still...speechless!

Also had a brief look for fabrics for my wedding dress, no real luck though. Had a lovely lunch in MatPalatset and then took the 12.10 bus back to Falun. I went on to see my gran while James went home to see if work had phoned after him, which they hadnt. But they did that this morning so he is at work right now. He also got work next week, it is such a reliefe whenever he gets work. Especially now when we have so much to get done and money will be flowing (It flowed a bit yesterday but more about that later)

Did you know that it will cost us 1050 kr to get the form we need from the English constulate that allows us to get married????? I was shocked (again) when i quickly read the response mail to James question how to go about it all. And we have to go pick it up at the consulate in Stockholm and bring his passport with us and ...! I'll have to get to know if we cant apply from here only anyway because that sounds ridiculous!

Anyway, mum came by later on in the evening and we went to have a look at some more wallpaper for the other bedroom. We ended up with the colourclash. Im sure we can stand it untill we save up some money for the new floor. Here are 2 ickle pictures what we chose.

The nice yellow roses are going in the bigger bedroom with the blue floor...... And the other golden flower one is going in our smalller bedroom togheter with a caffe latte color on the other 3 walls. It ended up not being too bad pricewise to buy the wallpaper since only 2 rolls where on the expencive side. The yellow ones were on sale at 69kr a roll and the caffe latte ones turned out to be half price since we hired someone to do the wallpapering for us and we got to use his discount number!! Still, it set us back 1157 kr for the lot, but divided onto two rooms i thought it wasnt too bad, what you think? Of course you have to add on what the guy is taking for doing the job, but i think it is worth it if it means you dont have another thing to think about when moving. Our schedule this spring is a bit loaded as it is already dont you think?? ;o)

It is getting closer and closer to when we are getting to move in! I must remember to change our phone over and get the internet moved. But it will take up to 18(!!) working days for them to move the broadband! So it will be very quiet on the posting front untill we get internet back up again. :(

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