Sunday, February 23, 2003

So the moving has started then. All weekend we have been shifting boxes with our stuff from one side of town to the other. Backbreaking buisness but it has to be done. Thankfully we havent got all that much stuff since we only have lived in a one room and kitchen flat prior to buying this 3 room one. Also the wallpapering is done in the bedrooms. All that needs doing really is a touch up of the ceiling paint in the livingroom, hall and kitchen. We might paint the walls in the kitchen as well as soon as we can decide on a colour. I was thinking a pale fresh green or a light lilac. Im not all that for heavy full colours so whatever we choose it will be light and fresh. Do anyone know how to lay down wooden flooring? Want to come stay and do the bedroom and kitchen for us??? ;o)

Since we will be quite busy this week and our internet will be taking 18! days to move to our new home (talk about slow internet) i will be very VERY slow in posting, if any untill we got ourselves a bit more sorted over at the new place. So for now, take care and see you from the other side of town... :o)

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