Sunday, February 16, 2003

There is not much to tell right now, just getting everything organized for the move and just really waiting for the weeks to go so we can get started in the new place. Im itching to get in there and make it ours! Mum has talked to the decorater and he will start doing the bedrooms for us tomorrow monday. He is also going to paint the ceilings in those two rooms. Mum was over today and had a look at the apartment to see if it was empty. We might have to paint the kitchen as well, one of the corners were a bit black of sot. Will have a look myself to see how bad it is or if it will come out when mum cleans. The old lady hired mum to do the cleaning, which is good since that means we can start moving bits and bobs a bit earlier. It went a bit pearshaped earlier this week when James couldnt get a hold of a removal van for us to hire for the date when i had roped people in to help us. So now i was in a bit of a panic to get a van or something before everything was taken. Anyway i got one for 4 hours on sunday! So had to rearrange everything with the guys from work, but hopefully they can still help us. And i have changed all of my weekend so im off completly when we are moving. There always has to be something hasnt it....!

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