Sunday, October 13, 2002

Happy birthday to meeeee, Happy birthday to meeeee, happy birthday dear Mariaaaaaaaaaa, happy birthday to MEEEEEE!

So, its my birthday. I thought it would be a quiet little affair with my mum only. But oh was i ever wrong! James, yes he himself, had gone and orchestrated a little surprise party for me! Well it all started last night really when i asked if i was allowed to open one parcel after 12 o'clock which i could. And i opend the very smelly one from James' parents. I got some Lush bathbubbles and a bath ballistic and some shower gel and soap scented with honey. Lovely, will use them for my shower tomorrow morning. I also got a nice blank book, which i might use as a guestbook. But i forgot to ask people today about writing in it *slaps forhead* I also got a fridgemagnet with some words of wisdome, all this has been stowed away since James' parents were here in sept, and i can tell you its been hard not to have a peek before today!

I had changed my shift earlier this week so i worked early and got home at about 3 o'clock, jumped into the shower to get ready before mum was supposed to come at 4 for dinner and coffe. Mum came as mum usually does, before the time stated. She had made a cake and had bought me an orchid (dark crimsone flowers with white speckles and a yellow center). I also got a gold necklace with a pendant and a pair of nice darkblue lace table cloths from my mum, sister and gran. I got some lotterytickets from my brother, i won 2 new tickets. (YaY) We had our lovely chicken and rice dinner followed by lovely James-made bananacake and icecream. I got a birthday phone call from James' parents and earlier James' gran phoned as well before the storm.

And then they all started to drop by.....
First came Rosie and she sang for me and gave me 4 cheers that must have been heard all over the building, i got a nice umbrella rack for my hall and some flowers, i also got a little something from her parents. Then next in line was Lotta and Marie who had bought me an orchid, a great big one with darklilac flowers with red and white bands in them and 2 lottery tickets, didnt win anything though (boo). And then after a while longer Carolina came by and i got Jamie Olivers cookbook from her, sadly i had that one but she will give me the receipt so i can change it to his second one. I like his cookingstyle so i was pleased anyway. We then had mums cake with 30(!) candles in it and i managed to blow them all out without setting off the firealarm so i got a birthday wish! And then there was a lot of cackle going on and laughter and it was a most pleasant and fun evening. From what i thought would be a quiet little day to one like this... and all organized by James, i didnt have a clue! And that says a lot of how good it was organized and kept secret because i usually cop on to these things but not now.... Chucks, i must be getting old!

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