Monday, October 28, 2002

This is Sundays post since blogger went all pearshaped and didnt let me post ANYTHING! Im most displeased!

Today was a really really CRAP day. It must be hormones because i've never felt this...evil... without a just cause. Does the word spiky help? And very touchy, agressive type..? ;o)

Oh well, that is fading as we speak so never mind that. On to more fun things, like WEDDINGS and PLANS and where and how and most importent WHEN! We (james and me) have had a "serious" chat. Hrmpmmm well more like 'well we really should' and more of 'it is about time soon isnt it' that kind of talk. Anyway, we have decided (almost) that our wedding will be held in springtime (a date will come as soon as this place returns my mail with questions about availability) It is really a very nice place just outside Falun. If you interested to have a peek you go here. Sorry but it is only in swedish, but there are nice pictures! ;o)

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