Wednesday, October 30, 2002

House hunting then.. Hmm a bit tougher to solve just like that. Right now there isnt much movement in the apartment bit. There are a few that im interested in though. But all of them have a downside that i dont think i could live with. Either their to expensive, both to buy and then to pay rent for, or they are in the wrong part of town which would mean we need to buy a car so i could get home when im working late evenings. So either way it would get more expencive just to live and that wasnt what we wanted now was it.

Hmmm, and besides we dont know if James will have work for a while after the end of next week. Its wintertime and not so busy in the world of bookprinting apparently. Well im sure it will work out alright, and besides James might get the time to do a swedish course in swedish economics and get it on paper he did a swedish one as well for his english credits.

Part from all that i had great news today. Mary, the irish rambler is thinking about buying a house here in Sweden! YaY to that! She phoned on the mobile just as we were going out so we had a chatter while walking. Which was interesting since i had to think really hard to walk uphill while keeping track of the news she was telling. I phoned her later on today and had a good natter(strange word) and helped her out a bit with her blog. Feel kinda proud to be co-admin! ;o)

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