Sunday, October 06, 2002

It snowed today! YaY!!! Super early as well but who cares, me i LOVE snow!

But it makes for an interesting day when the first thing you hear from James in the morning is, "for fucks sake!!" followed by a very heavy sigh and a lot of grumpy noices at the sight of snowflakes slowly falling outside. This is before we've even got out of bed. I was to say the least very surprised. He used to look forward to snow and go out and jump in it when he first came over here. But now...? I hate to think about how winter will be with James if this is the start of it! But maybe it has to do with that he will have to walk to and from work when there's no buses at night. Or maybe that he usually falls over several times in winter because he walks on like theres no tomorrow and absolutly no snow! Well he just has to get used to it, anyway if he is to live here.....

We went to the big market in Rättvik yesterday. And i had a promise from Mr James that he wouldnt complain and nicely carry my bags. He did quite well untill his small toes got cold (awww) then he started to look very droopy and i knew it was time to poke mum in the side and say it was time to go home. As usuall the market had grown bigger, lots more to have a look at, but i agree with James, if your a sock fetisicht, your in heaven. Cant they come up with anything better to sell??? They had the odd good stall. And of course the candy ones in abundance. But generally i just walk by those and all the other common ones. I always keep my eyes open for the odd one, or the arty one that has quality insted of tatt in it. And i found some this time as well. I found a lovely rug for my kitchen, handmade by the older lady selling them at the market. Since i am into weaving myself i saw it was a good one and i know how much work goes into making one i do appreciate them. Could have spent more money there but resisted. I also found a nice handmade chip basket in different colored wood. James still thinks it will end up in the storage. And maybe it will, but it will be used before it goes out into the big black hole of our storage! Oh, i bought myself a new handbag as well, of course... James didnt bat an eyelid at it, good boy, but he did complain later when i was looking at these nice drawings of elk and bears by Jan Norman. I already have 2 big ones by him hanging over my sofa, one is of a pack of rĺdjur (small deer) and the other is of 2 grazing nordsvenskar (swedish horse breed). I also have one where he pictured a dalmatian. I like his style and thought i might buy one since you cant get a hold of them so easy but then James put his foot down and stomped off after saying that we dont have anywhere to hang it and that we have some pictures still to find a place for! Tssss, i have lots of stuff i cant find a place for right now, i sometimes swop them around but he is right you know. Argh that did hurt to say, James ... is... right...! But i still would have liked to buy a picture!!! And there are plenty of room to hang pictures still, just have to rearrange the ones i got to fit the rest of them in. Its more or less that whats keeping me from framing the others. Do you KNOW how tidious it is to get them all aligned and hung straight?? There must be an easy way to do that, but i havent figured it out so it will have to wait.. Maybe it will be done when we move... :o)

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