Tuesday, October 22, 2002

To rent or not to rent, that is the question...

We're in a bit of a dilemma, well not a serious one but anyway. I've been seriously bitten by the house bug and want a place that we can call our own, in other words, no rentals. But there isnt anything nice available right now so it is a bit frustrating to apartmenthunt right now. At least we got to know this morning that we have a chance of getting the penthouse flat since it was offered to us. Question is if anyone else also is interested in it and got more points then us, because then it will go to them. I called the tennant up this morning to see if we could come and have a look at it today or tomorrow, but it was a very weird conversation. Here this girl is going to move and she HAS to show the apartment to people but still i had to DRAG an answer out of her and really push her to let me come see it tomorrow before she goes to work. I only have untill friday to give a yes or no to it so i would like to have seen both of them before deciding anything. The trouble is though that since James is working mornings and the girl start her work at 3 he wont be able to come see it with me. But there is a similar flat available as well and we are first in that queue so he will get to see how it looks like anyway as soon as the other lady returns my phonecall and tells me how she could arrange me seeing the apartment since she is living up in Sundsvall and it was her son who had been staying in it.

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