Saturday, October 12, 2002

We won on the lotto!!!!!!

Before you all get overexcited and ask where the champagne is to celebrate i have to tell you we won a measly 25 kr, about Ł1,70...
But we're getting there! At least there is a bit more to go into the kitty for our future night out. Have to get the numbers off Marie yet though, havent heard anything from her, maybe she's won big and ran off with it all! ;o)

Tomorrow is the big day, i thought i bake a cake and take with me to work. Its one of those heavy, sticky, absolutly gorgeous rich chocolate and toffee cake with crushed almonds on top... Yummie! And as things are, only the people that i like at work will be there tomorrow morning, well maybe not all of them, but those who i would like to make a cake for are there. If others can be picky, so can i!

I got some more flowers today, but they are for tomorrow so cant really boast and say i got them just-because this time.... Still, its lovely to get a bunch of them from time to time. Why dont men understand this?!? If they knew how much we women will forgive them for just the odd ickle flower i think the florists would have a field day all year round! Dont you..? ;o)

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