Monday, October 28, 2002

James isnt at home since he is working evening shift. So it is only me and Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and soon to be ready hamburgers with chips mmMMmm...

Today was alright at work i suppose, it always helps that your mood is good, like mine was today. It will be a busy week anyway since it is Halloween, or as we have here in Sweden, Alla Helgons Dag. It is more of a remembrance day for us, but the more commercial Halloween is making big progress over here as well. Of course it helps that it is being cheered on by the commercial powers as well. We went down town today a bit before work, mainly because we wanted to know how big our chances were of getting a loan if we decide to buy ourself an apartment. The woman at the bank looked very stressed out when i wanted a draft from my account since it doesnt add up with the statement i got in the money machine and what i keep at home in my money spreadsheet. She said their computers were down and that they would be up and running at the earliest by noon. And when i asked about a loan she gave me a form to fill in and told me to send it in and she would answer yes or no in a day or two. That was a bit odd, because last time i asked how much i would be able to loan i got an answer straight away. Maybe this is because i didnt recognize this woman at all, and she didnt recognize me either. Maybe i will phone in and ask for an appointment with my usuall bankwoman. Oh well, the overall feeling she sent was that no we wouldnt get a loan since it was only me going to sign the papers. It might be just in my head, but somehow i think they will see me as a risk and not lend us the 245 000 kr.

So back to the drawingboard. Maybe we should by one a bit further out of Falun and invest in a small car instead?
Anyway, its not bothering me, yet. But it will start to bug me that we really need a bigger place soon. For one it would be nice to have a hobby room where i could have my sewing machine up all the time and get a move on doing the quilt for our bed!

More later since i think my dinner is getting ready!

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