Sunday, October 20, 2002

It is snowing with a capital S!
They promised some but i never believe the weather report. James is going around mumbling something about "silly white stuff" and just grunting at it. But me im very pleased, i LOVE snow.

I wasnt so pleased yesterday though. We bought 2 new lamps that i was thinking to hang by the windows, but since there isnt a plug for them there i had to connect them and draw a cord to the wallsocket. Only thing is, when i had finished connecting them and plugged them in it went all dark in our apartment!! The man at the store didnt say you had to use two of the connecting cubes so i hotwired it to one..... Anyway, no harm done more then a blown fuse and a shattered ego. I was very proud to have got it all togheter....
I phoned Lotta and asked about what to do and she said that he had been a silly man saying i could do it like i had when there was an easier way to do it, and a safer way! So today im going with her up to Coop and buying the proper stuff! I feel like an idiot though not making sure how to connect the leads, you shouldnt play with electricity if you dont know what your doing. A fried tigs isnt what i want at the end of the day!

Btw, we have a deadline for when we have to do our washing, in 2 days. Thats when James' underwear runs out... But you could of course do like he did yesterday, in despair looking for clean underwear he wore his long-johns with the legs folded up, maybe he will start the next fashion trend? ;o)

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