Wednesday, October 09, 2002

My day off...

Am going to grans soon and doing a bit of shopping, then im going to go and buy some eyes to the teddy beanybag bear im making. James bought a book about how you make your own beanbag figures. He has so far got one (1) wing cut out and put togheter, not sawn toghter or anything just pinned togheter so he can run around flapping it from his shoulder, very cute i know but it makes you wonder about the sanity of this guy sometimes. And mine as well since im marrying him! ;o)
Bet you he still will only have one wing by the end of the year, you see it was too much hassle cutting all the parts out, oh not to mention to copy them off the book first! I mean, he is worse then me when it comes to completing stuff you start!!

Any bets on how long it will take him? Booky Tigs is now open, my odds are 20-1 that he will finish it before christmas.... ;o)

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