Thursday, October 17, 2002

I've chopped off my hair again and colored it brown red. I dont know why, but this is much more me then my ordinary mousy blonde color... I've not had my own haircolor for ages now. Wonder how it would look like. Im sure people wouldnt recognise me straight at once if i had my natural color....

Other then that i dont have much to write about really. Life is just stomping on as usuall. We're casually looking for somewhere else to live but since i am so picky i doubt we will find anywhere quickly. There is a lovely looking flat available, but since i've only seen the layout online the final decision has to wait untill i see it in person. It is anyway a penthouse suit (of course ;o)..) Heres a layout of it.

kök - kitchen
sovrum - bedroom
vardagsrun - livingroom
hall - hallway
bad - bathroom
klk - its a walk-in-closet ;o)
Notice something? The HUGE balcony stretching almost across all of the apartment. Thats what i fell in love with, also that its on the top floor with no neighbours part from the underneath ones.

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