Sunday, November 17, 2002


Sorry, but all i can think of right now is how we can change the new place around to be just like we want it to be. But even though im severly tempted to go ahead and redo everything at once when we move in i think im going to listen to my mum this time and wait a while before doing anything. But knowing me i want to do everything straight away!

We did a bit more packing later on and my mum came over for sunday dinner as well. She provided the roast and we did the roasted tatties and complementary vegetables and lovely gravy. It feels a bit more under controll now when we have wrapped all the small itty bitty glasses away. I must be a controll freak! And yes i know Mary will agree with me about that. I am THE MOST organized person around, i have already written my christmas cards ready to be posted later on in december.. I wish someone would save me from myself sometimes! Well my excuse is that i was bored and couldnt come up with anything else to do at the time..... ;o)

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