Thursday, November 21, 2002

I am wondering.. can you jinx things? Like if you talk about the new apartment something bad always comes up? Or rather it doesnt. The owner has gone missing! We were ment to sign the contract this week but he isnt answering any phonecalls from the real estate woman.

And now my mum came with some news that there had been some waterdamage to the bathroom but no one ever told us about it. It is all fixed and stuff but isnt that information that should be disclosed to us as buyers?? So naturally i got quite concerned and phoned the woman up and asked about it, if she knew and if she did why she didnt tell us about it! She didnt know anything about that but promised to have a talk to the chairman of the board at this 'bostadsförening'. And to make it even more interesting mum said it might have to go through Kronofogdemyndigheten(repoman??) since the guy is in debt and hasnt paid rent for quite some time. This are rumours btw, but i trust my mum and she has a bit of an inside deal on this since she works in the area. But still, what you say, its the what calling the other one something? Or making a chicken out of a feather...

Now what do you do, keep calm and think positive that it will all work out just as planned or go make a backup plan just in case. Im not generally the one buying the pig in the bag, swedish saying. So, now everything seems to hang a bit loose and we have got 3 months to solve it, depending on if the guy has changed his mind about selling the place or what...? I hate being left in the dark with no answers but that is the situation right now. It could be worse i suppose. But this is quite dramatic as it is! So as we were getting ourselves in gear to move house we might have to have a change of plans and find somewhere to rent!

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