Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Ok, we've been to see the appartment and.........
It is lovely. Its more squarely laid out in plan then the other one. But i liked this one better. Its bigger as well and not so much of the space is poured into a big hall. Hall is big and welcoming, directly to your left is the bathroom next up to the left is the kitchen. Its a bit narrow where the cupboards are but opens up to a big seating place by huge windows. To the right from the front door you have the bedrooms. First one is a bit smaller. They are quite the same with 3 wardrobes in each room. The livingroom opens up from the hall and somehow it feels bigger then it might be, its got wooden floor and structure wall paper. The balcony has morning sun and is quite big also. I made a rough plan in Paint to try to explane how it is laid out. Oh i love this!

The wallpaper was very nice, structurepaper usually isnt my thing but these were in a lovely cream color. Kitchen was boring white, standard i think but you can always redo that one later, but the best part, there's a dishwasher! Over all the colors where light and not too offending. Could do with some color though and im sure we will get around to it.

Well, it all rides on what the bank says tomorrow i suppose. And if Kopparstaden will be meanies and not let us out of our contract quicker then 3 months. But, if the bank says yes tomorrow im saying this appartment up the same day and if it has to be three months so be it. :o)

Btw, hasnt anyone noticed something around here lately????

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