Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Hmmm, today we were going to sign the contract for the apartment, but the real estate woman cant get a hold of the guy selling it. Is this a bad sign? Or is he just busy working, he is a lorry driver. Anyway it seems as the moving in date wasnt so important for him so i asked for an earlier day to move in. Like i feel now i would like to move before christmas, but that would be too quick. Besides it is hectic enough at work all december without having the hassle of moving place.

It's my day off and im going to relax today. Maybe i'll have a look around in town for a christmas present for my sisters bf. We are going down to Gothenburg in 2 weeks time since it is my sisters birthday. And it seems like they wont be able to come up for christmas so we will drop our christmas presents off at the same time. My sisters presents are already bought, but somehow it is always harder to buy for a guy isnt it! Any ideas to what you can get?

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