Thursday, November 28, 2002

It has gone from raining cats and dogs (giggle) to snowing dasslock (swedish word, look it up ;o) ) To being cold and now it is snowing again. I think the weather is muchly confused.

Life is stressed in general but recently it has been going into overdrive. No word of the lost apartment owner, now the chairman of the housing association is going round his to have a talk, well to try to have a talk to him so we can sign the contract. I've told B (realestatewoman) that i'll give him 2 weeks, but after that i think we have to change our minds and look elsewhere.... We are going to my sisters for the weekend, and thinking about past issues between my mum and sister earlier this year it will be to say the least an interesting weekend.... Then next week i have a dreaded day on wednesday to try to get through.... Not to mention that work is getting to be more stressed out in time for Christmas. I think that as long as we get past wednesday next week, it will be fine or worse, at least we will know!


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