Sunday, November 24, 2002

So the first person has been to view our apartment. I think she was impressed with the size of it and the layout. Im quite impressed as well by our apartment ;o)
Makes you wonder why you want to move in the first place doesnt it. But to be frank, it is too damn small! It was alright for me and in the start when James came over, but since then we have acumulated more stuff and the storage is already bursting its seems so i think we took the hint and went looking. The other one interested in our place is coming round in about an hour. She just phoned.

Somehow i still think it is karma that we ARE supposed to move. The one we were thinking of is at number 13, we went and saw it on the 13th and im born on the 13th.... And the girls coming to look at our place is Marie, Marianne and my name is Maria... Its just a bit...odd to go unnoticed by someone, well like me. Supersticious like i am sometimes and believe in faith and whatnots this is a bit spooky.

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