Wednesday, November 06, 2002

James was phoned in early today to work so i've been a bit restless tonight. Bored out of my mind i would say! I watched Stargate and that made a couple of hours pass, and i suppose i really ought to get to bed soon since im working morning tomorrow. But im not tired! Well not yet anyway. I did have a chat to James about the appartment and if we could afford it with the mortage and if he liked it or not. But getting answers is like pulling teeth sometimes! But finaly i got some answers and we still like the appartment and all. But question is if i am able to get the loan. Besides if there is someone else interested as well who can go high in the bidding theres no point for us to get in it. There's been a few adds in the local paper about other appartments. I would like to get a 3 room and kitchen if we're buying it. Thing is to get something with a reasonable rent.

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