Tuesday, November 05, 2002

While James is napping a bit with a hot waterbottle on his bum i will blog a bit i think. The waterbottle was mine to put on my aching back but since i was going to get up he asked for it on his bum while napping, strange you think? No, very comfy actually.

So today was veggie day. My usuall day to get pissed off at Mr T and today was no exception at that... Oh how i wish it would have been different though. Then my back wouldnt be hurting like it is now! Anyway i asked Big Boss what to do with all the extra veggies Mr T had ordered (as usuall) and just like before it was alright to send them back at first but then he had a change of heart and said to put them in the dairy storage since i didnt have room for them over at my storage. Talk about stocking up on things we already have a lot off! But never mind that. Things wont change so will just have to keep on telling Big Boss about it and see if Mr T gets so fed up with working at the store that he quits. Which i actually think is quite close to the truth.

Got back home, had a takeaway kebab and then went back to the same area as the store is in to have a look at this appartment. You could see it was getting close to 4pm. People were popping up from everywhere. All in all i think we were 8 couples going to have a look at the appartment at the same time. It was to say the least, a bit crowded. The appartment was very VERY nice. I could certainly see us living there. The hall was very big and welcoming, kitchen a bit smaller then i had thought, both the fridge and stove looked 'oldish'. Both bedrooms were ok with 3 closets in each room. Bathroom was small, but still had a bathtub in it, a plus for the floorheating. Livingroom was smaller then the picture suggests, but the balcony was perfect and BIG. All in all? Yes i would like to live there. A few changes in wallpapering (there were a lot of PEACH) and a good sanding of the woodenfloor in the livingroom, maybe some new doors to the kitchen units but other then that, not much else is needed.
But, yes of course there is a but. The price is too high. We did an online quickcount on our livingexpences if we borrowed all the money and the monthly rent would end up somewhere around 4500 kr with the mortage. And that im afraid is too much for us since James doesnt know about his work. I can afford a rent of about 3500-4000 by myself if things come to a push, but this would be a bit to much. I know that it would get cheaper once you've paid off some of the loan but still... Not sure, will have to have a talk to my mum about it.

But right now im going to go and claim my hot waterbottle back! ;o)

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