Tuesday, November 26, 2002

God morning everyone, anyone want an outdoor shower this morning hmm?? In other words it is pouring down outside and i have to go to work soon. Poor James was called in to work since there were someone sick. They phoned 30 minutes ago and i woke him up asking if he wanted to go. The poor brave soul got up and is off to work now, with only 4˝ hours sleep. Well i am going to work as well but i knew i was. That is the worst part really for him i think, not being able to plan anything because he might get called in with short notice. At least he has got 3 weeks planned work starting next week. I was getting more worried then him about his work!

As for yesterdays post, there were no news to have when i phoned and asked the real estate woman. Maybe it is just me getting hysterical, its only been 2 weeks since we had a look at it. But really i thought you wrote the contract as soon as possible??

As for other interesting news we have to pay for the restauration of 3 (!!!) small holes in a couple of doors in our apartment. We are talking nail size holes mind you. They have been to examin the state of our apartment since we are moving. Mum was litteraly speachless when i told her, so was i when i phoned James to hear about how the inspection went. I phoned the inspector up and asked about it and it all seemed very VERY serious.... But please, 3 holes??? I wonder what they will say about the holes we made in the walls putting up various shelfs and to hang paintings up. Im going to talk to him again this morning and also get to know how much money we are talking about. Another annoyans to tackle in these already stressed out times!

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