Saturday, November 16, 2002

Its gone all misty and wet outside. There is still some snow around but it is melting since it rained yesterday. Work was fine, i didnt do that much actually because i didnt want Mr T to think he was getting a free day off from doing anything.

We did a bit of packing yesterday, just some glases that we dont use that often and some other bits and bobs. Even though I want to pack and move NOW its no use in doing too much too early or else you will just be going through every box for just that something that you did need after all. I will get to know next week when we are going to sign the contract as well. I will ask for a different date to move in since the one we have now, 1st march, doesnt fit with how I work and how the people helping us are working. It shouldnt be a big problem though to move the date one week up. Our appartment has come up in the list of available appartments on Kopparstadens homepage and has already been booked by someone. Fingers crossed it will go smoothly and we might be able to move sooner then said :o)

You will have to excuse me for a while because I will go on and on about this moving business. You see, I've never owned anything before, just rented. So it is quite a big step! And there are a lot of things I want to do or change or just dream about and I do have a need to speak out loud about it. So instead of tormenting my friends over here I've decided to torment the lot of you ;oP

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