Monday, December 02, 2002

So we are back from Gothenburg.

It felt like it was a weekend spent in the car and then sitting in the sofa watching tv and some more in the car going back. It was awfull weather driving down, half storm and lots of snow. Going back was alright. My sister was alright but my mums cold got worse when we were down there so we ended up doing nothing much at all. At least we got to see 2 new films from my sisters exstensive collection ;o)

No news on the apartment, phoned B but she was not in so i left a msg to get back to me as soon as possible, no news on the Acorn/Bcorn event, James is not going to finish his bird before christmas so it looks like im winning a bet ;o) We have signed up as interested in a rental apartment in Bojsenburg, 2 rooms and kitchen, but it all feels a bit...bleeergh. Because i WANT this other one!!!

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