Thursday, December 05, 2002

Ponder on this please people and tell me if i am paranoid.

Today B finaly called saying the guy had got in touch with her, but only to say in so many words that if we were still interested in buying the apartment it had to be NOW and give the money to him and he would pay US 3 months rent so he could live there untill 1st of march. This because he needed the money to clear off some loan he had so he could buy an apartment himself...????
The more i think about it the more i think he is going to pull a fast one on us and run with the money and what ever of value there is in the apartment or stay living in the apartment saying he has the right to it?? I dont feel comfortable paying him in advance without having a look at the place so it is in the same state it was when we viewed it. And certainly not letting him stay in there, even if he pays us the rent for it, after we've bought it.

What to do..?

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