Thursday, December 19, 2002

It has turned out to be a lovely day today. Work was busy busy with frantic shoppers but that was alright and fun today. I got my last piece of christmas shopping done as well. We went to see the apartment in the afternoon and we agreed to buy it and will sign the contract when we come back from England. But im playing this one carefully, not making any sudden moves or changes before we have signed. Still got the fun phonecall to make to B about us ditching loon guy and his apartment, oh joy ;o))

I went and got a christmas present for Carolina since she was coming over a bit later to have some cd's ripped. She wasnt expecting to get a christmas present and then it is so much nicer to give one, dont you think? We spent the evening chatting a bit while James sang along to the cd's he was ripping. He made us a copy as well so now we have music from the 80's, my youngun

And now both of us are completly wacked so we're off to bed! Sweet dreams..

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