Thursday, December 12, 2002

If you think you hear a dog bark when you enter this blog not to be worried, its just me coughing my lungs up. In other words im not going outside in the -15 and walk to work. Im not going outside today, period!
And my voice has gone all Bonnie Tylerish, im not sure i like that since i sound more like a man today then my usuall perky self. Oh well, im sure i can find some time to go play Sim City or something to entertain me now when James has buggered off to work. Maybe i will get to know first hand what that mystery parcel was that got sent to James' parents but they had to go and collect it at the postoffice. Anything to taunt him when he phones me later on today saying he is so bored at work have i heard anything from his mum... ;o)

Now im going to make myself some lunch, wonder what though, any suggestions?

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