Friday, December 20, 2002

Currently listening to Enya - watermark

Its been a most productive morning today. I have cleaned everywhere! Twice it feels like! So now everything is sparkling and all that needs doing before christmas is a bit of touch up. Doesnt that feel good? Yes it does for me anyway... :)

I think everyone is pleased that we finaly got somewhere to move to, lol! And everyone is also pleased we didnt hang on to loon guys place and insted went and searched for somewhere else. And i must agree this time, you were right (you know who you are). This new apartment is much nicer, more well kept then loon guys and it is what we want. So going from our first hand choice to a second hand choice to surprisingly finding a first hand choice in the span of , what, 1˝ week? That must be somewhat out of the ordinery. I put it down to luck, pure luck and coinsidence that my mum works in the area i want to move to and that she got approached not once but 3 times about people wondering if we had found anything yet and that they had an apartment to sell us if we were interested.

Right now im relaxing a bit before heading to work. It will be pandemonium! Let me set the scene for already stressed out people. Today people will get paid, get childsupport, pensions and have to decide if its a good day to go shopping for food or presents. My bet is they will come for foodshopping, today, when im working evening.... LOVELY!

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