Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Its a good thing i have a sense of humour or else i think i would have gone insane by now. Latest news on the apartment is as follows. O phoned Birgitta and told her that he had another buyer interested in the flat as well as me, to me it sounded like an empty treath as to bullying me into agreeing with his first idea, the one were we buy it and he rents it from us untill 1st of march. Anyway B couldnt understand what he was going on about and i told her that he must be some nutty twat thinking he would get away with it. (the chairman of the förening is notified since O isnt allowed to sell it privatly, he would probably bolt with the money)

Thinking about all this i decided to take a chance on my luck and phoned Kopparstaden up when i got home and asked if you can regret leaving your notice on this apartment. And yes you could as long as no one else had signed a contract for it. I must be a very lucky person because they had put a block on this apartment since it will be needing some renovating in the bathroom before anyone new can rent it. So after consulting someone in the office this nice woman told me it was alright and i now have retaken this apartment and dont need to fret about someone elses lunacy in searching for a new place to live. As you can imagine the relif is ENORMOUS!
Now i can tell him to take his puny ickle apartment and stuff it well and truly where the sun dont shine!

I still want it though so i will hang in there but i wont do anything foolish before everything is signed and handed over. (He only has 3 months to sell it in or it will be reposessed and sold by the bank) Btw im going to leave an offer on this other one we had a look at last sunday. And mum has found us someone else selling her apartment. I think i ought to change my career, mum too...LOL

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