Monday, December 23, 2002

Currently listening to Phil Collins - Testify

Today it is one year since James asked me to marry him and i said yes. We have finaly decided on a date as well to when we are going to tie the knot, 31st of may. We exchanged small gifts yesterday at midnight, technicaly it was today wasnt it... ;o) I got said cd which im listening to right now and James got..... He will have to tell you himself.

It is a crisp and very cold day, had a shock when i saw it was -25 out there! It is the bus for me today when im going to work. But if its gone a bit wamrer i might walk there anyway, i do miss my walks when i dont have them. Makes you relax and it clears your mind as well. James is working evening so he might have to walk home in the cold! Hopefully there will be someone going his way who can give him a lift.

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