Monday, December 30, 2002

At last we are here in England! The plane was over 1 hour late and we had to circle a bit before getting a landing slot at Stanstead. It was to say the least a bit odd going from half snowstorm with -10 and half gale to a gentle +10 with hanging mist. The flight was a piece of cake this time, I was not at all nervous, well a bit and the waiting for the plane to arrive didnt help my nerves, but as James said, its the calmest i've ever been with him on a flight.

We got some christmas presents to open yesterday when we had settled in a bit and had us a cuppa (well pepsi for me :o). Nothing much had changed around the village part from James dad putting up a new fence. But as i read in the local newsletter all is not well in the local parish council, i got the feeling of being transported to the tv series Vicar of Dibley when i read the articles and comments sent in by the locals. Aparently the council is the joke of all of Suffolk in how they conduct themselves. The new election will be in summer so we will have to see if the present regime will be kicked out, which is most likely , and who gets the task of cleaning all of their mess up!

After a very lazy morning we went into Bury St Edmunds for some shopping, i had got vouchers in my christmas presents that i had to spend! And spend them i did on clothes and more clothes plus some christmas cards for half price as well. The sales over here are so much bigger then the ones in little Falun and also it seems you can get better bargains as well.

Tomorrow we are going to the cinema to watch The Two Towers andf then it is a quiet evening at home with the treat of seeing the next door neighbours trying to blow their house up when lighting the two big fireworks chests they bought especially for the party they are holding. We are invited for drinks.....

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