Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Ehm... In about 35 minutes my mum will be coming to pick me up so we can go and have a look at a 3 room and kitchen on the ground floor in the same house as the old couples apartment is in. Aparently my mum was approached by the person selling it this morning saying she had 'heard' we were looking around for an apartment and hadnt found anything. So of course mum phoned me and asked if we were interested. Its the same layout as loon guys place. And it is newly redecorated mum said. Anyway, im off to have a look. The asking price is 175 000 kr and from what i understood they are moving out of it as we are speaking, thing is, it is the place that the couple above had an eye out for... Dunno whats happening here but anyway it doesnt hurt to have a peek now does it ;o)

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