Monday, December 16, 2002

I phoned B, and she hasnt heard anything from him so i got his phone number and left quite a brisk msg on his answeringmachine that would he get in touch within the week so we would get to know if he is selling the apartment or what since we have found somewhere else and need to decide. But really i think i already have decided against him and i dont believe for a second that my phonecall will make any difference whatsoever but you cant but try.... Because even if he said he would sell it to us i doubt it will be done quickly or smoothly since he is making everyone wait for him to make a move. I am amazed that they havent done anything drastic about him, like evict the sorry piece of .... since he is owing some money to the föreing AND to the bank. Anyway i feel better about it all and my cold is a bit better so knock on wood, things might just turn a bit better so i can enjoy the fact that next week tuesday it is Christmas Eve and we swedes get to open all our presents a day before anyone else! HA HA ;oP

And it is only 13 days untill we are flying to England for our week of vacation and celebrating the new year with James' family!! Time really has gone by all too quickly. Btw we still havent heard anything from the immigrations office about James application for permanent residency. James assured me though that he would be allowed back in if we left without him getting a new stamp in his passport, he had checked it up he said.

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