Saturday, December 07, 2002

Ehm... it is true isnt it that if nothing happens for a while, everything comes crashing down at the same time.

Well, since we are a bit weary about buying the apartment from this guy O (he doesnt seem to be able to make a deal without everyone waiting for HIM) we went looking elsewhere as well. Mum phoned yesterday. And to make a long story short, the couple who my old teacher (she lives opposite to were we had planned moving) thought were selling their flat, which they werent a week ago but now they are. And they had tried all week to get a hold of my mum, but since mum was home with a cold she only got to know on friday. She then called me as soon as she could and i called the old lady up and had a chatter to her and we are going to have a look at their apartment tomorrow!!! Im not saying anything and i promise i will stop this ranting about apartments as soon as we have something sorted! There hasnt been anything else in my posts lately. Sorry.

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