Monday, December 09, 2002

No, i havent gone insane. Even though my previous post might lead you to believe i have. Its just so....AARRRGGHHHH! What is, you may ask? Well of course it is apartment rant time again!

We had a look at the elderly couples apartment which is the same as the guys..... But all they had in common was the layout of it. The couples apartment needed following: wallpapering in 3 rooms, change of carpets in at least 2 rooms, a new stove, a new fridge and freezer, an extra cupboard to the kitchen to hide hidious wenttunnel and most sadly, a bathtub. They only had a shower but the bathroom was all new and fresh. It is not worth the money they are asking, no way. They asked 175 000 for it, im willing to pay 120 000 for it.... We'll see, i have to give my answer in on tuesday just to let them know and then its up to them.

So, i've phoned B and asked how it is going along with this guy O. She hasnt got very far, which i expected. But now she knows our terms if there is to be a purchase. We will not pay anything in advance more then the downpayment when signing the contract, and he has to move out. If he wants the money quickly he will have to move out 1st january. We've said its either 1st january or 1st of february.Its no problem for us to move and pay two rents if its for such a short while. And im sure that the girl taking ours might want to move in earlier. It is all down to how he will respond to our terms. Keep your fingers crossed will ya! We need all the help we can get in this deal it seems.

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