Sunday, December 15, 2002

Once the first excitment has gone you obviously start thinking about if it was right or not to say you were buying the apartment. I still think it is a good buy, cheap to rent and affordable to buy and in the end it will be looking as we want it to be (well how i like it probably with a bit of input from James ;o) ). But, of course there are several buts. It isnt really what we wanted, ie its missing a room! If we do change our minds completly we could always say so before it gets too long gone. Pro's and con's then.

Good things
Its cheap
new owen
big kitchen
spectacular view of Falun and the skijumps
a lovely balcony with morning sun
new fresh bathroom with floorheating

Bad things
it hasnt got a third room
it needs wallpapering in all rooms
it needs new floor in 2 rooms and the hall
it needs new kitchen cupboard doors
it needs new kitchen worktops

What do you think?

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